Today on Prada & Pearls I’m sharing my favourite everyday sneakers for women! I love finding new affordable styles to share with you guys.

Sneakers can be so expensive, especially if you’re buying brand names. That’s why today, I wanted to find some really cute, affordable styles that won’t break the bank.

The sneakers that I’m sharing in this post look really similar to Adidas but are a half the price. If you’re thinking of purchasing a designer pair of shoes, I always like to suggest trying out a similar, more affordable option to get a feel for the style. That way, you’ll know if you want to make a larger investment.

The sneakers in this post are from AKK Shoe Company.  First of all, these shoes are incredibly popular on Amazon.  They have over 20,000 positive reviews so I wanted to give them a try for myself.

AKK has over 30 different styles and colors.  All of their shoes are made with soft memory foam insoles, non-slip outsoles and a thickened shoe mouth so you can easily get them on and off.

I decided to try out 3 of their neutral colored sneakers.  Personally, I like to purchase natural colors because I know they’ll go with everything in my closet.  

With that said, AKK also has some fun bright colors as well if that’s what you prefer (see my top fall picks below).

The Best Everyday Sneakers For Women

Thickened Black Tennis Shoes  

First up we have the thickened black tennis shoe. These are true to size and are really comfortable. The soft memory foam insoles really makes a difference.

I wanted to try out the thickened style for you guys since they are supposed to provide additional support and comfort.

After wearing these out for a day, I can honestly say they are incredibly comfortable while also being really stylish.  I would recommend these for anyone who wants a stylish sneaker or for individuals who work on their feet a lot.  The extra padding on the sole really provides additional support.

 White Walking Tennis Shoes 

Next up we have the classic tennis shoe!  I have been looking for an affordable white sneaker for ages.  These are a beautiful crisp white with breathable mesh.  They’re incredibly comfortable, which is what this brand is known for.

For the price, these white sneakers are fantastic quality.  I can’t recommend them enough.  I love how easy they are to slip on and off while still having a lot of structure to them.

 Beige Walking Tennis Shoes 

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I liked the tennis shoe style so much I also got them in Beige. Personally, I can never find any beige shoes that are in stock. Maybe it’s just me or my area, but they are so hard to come by.

I wanted to mention that these shoes are so lightweight! When I compare these to other sneakers I own they are so much lighter, which is really nice. It makes for easier wear.

This particular color from AKK is so stunning. I love the light neutral. These shoes will really go with so many different things in my closet.

As mentioned above, I’m wearing the tennis shoe style however they also shoes with a high elastic mouth like the red shoes pictured above. This is to help with taking the shoes on and off.

All of these colors and styles would be so perfect for the new season!

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